Cyanotype Prints

I've added Cyanotpyes to the list of things I love to do. I've even converted one of the rooms at home into a darkroom. I’ve started adding them to the Prints section of the site.

What do you think?

Inspiration & Therapy

I’ve been thinking a lot about a conversation I listened to on a recent podcast. The discussion centred on their memory of the landscape of their childhood, and how this place continued to have a hold on them. It wasn’t the people that had the draw, but the landscape and the smell of the air.

The landscape of my childhood is a complicated affair.  We moved a lot.  But we holidayed in West Clare.  It is my therapeutic home.

Where is yours?

Emerge 2018

Work on exhibition as part of EMERGE 2018 which was held at:
Bullseye Projects
300 NW 13th Ave
Portland, OR

Emerge 2018

I've been selected for the Bullseye Glass Emerge competition for 2018!

Emerge 2018 is a biennial exhibition and competition hosted by Bullseye Projects in Portland, Oregon. It is a juried exhibition and competition and my first in the US.  Lots of great work to see. (More details on the Bullseye Glass website).

Emerge 2018 logo.JPG




Pate de Verre

I’ve been thinking a lot about process lately. I haven’t had access to a studio space for a while and I underestimated how much I would miss working with these materials every day.

The Hunt Museum, Limerick.

So strictly speaking this is not news, or rather, it is old news.  I was scoping the internet this morning and found some lovely images and articles about the Glass Society of Ireland’s 2015 exhibition, Solas. Our work travelled through a number of museums and galleries across the country and was featured in some local press.

Scatter & Contain, part of the Glass Society of Ireland's 2015 travelling exhibition, Solas. The images show the pieces as part of the show in The Hunt Museum, Limerick.

Scatter & Contain, part of the Glass Society of Ireland's 2015 travelling exhibition, Solas. The images show the pieces as part of the show in The Hunt Museum, Limerick.

New Online Profiles

You can now find images and updates on my facebook page @MichelleRyanArtist.

I've also been fortunate enough to be included in the family.  

Engravers Everywhere!

We had a little Christmas party before my Irish visit this December.  It was such a treat to find such talent right on our doorstep!  Engravers typically work alone and it is not often that we get a chance to get together and compare notes.  I feel so lucky to have such heritage and tradition around me, but as I don't speak Czech I'm at a bit of a disadvantage.  I'm a bit of a chatterbox so my Christmas present to myself is a Czech language book!  

Engravers' Christmas Party in Železny Brod, December 2016.

Engravers' Christmas Party in Železny Brod, December 2016.

Glass Engraving

Glass engraving is one of my favourite things to do.  I fell in love with the process in Estonia about two years ago and took a break from it due to equipment issues.  I had an all too brief reintroduction to the process in Bild-Werk (Frauenau, Germany) this summer with Alison Kinnaird and Christian Schmid.    Now, I’m almost mid-way through a six month residency in Pavlína Čambalová’s studio in the Czech Republic, and I’ve bought my first lathe!  (Not the lathe in the picture).  This one belonged to Jiří Harcuba!.

Stanislav Libenský Awards 2016

What a great start to my time in the Czech Republic!  The Stanislav Libenský Awards afforded me the opportunity to exhibit my work alongside other international glass graduates.  The exhibition was held in DOX, Prague from September until mid-November 2016.

Gravur on Tour

I got some great news this week!  In addition to being included in the student section of Gravur on Tour, in my former second home, Tallinn, my work will be included in the gallery in Glasmuseum Frauenau!  I will be attending an engraving course in Bild-Werk in Frauenau, Germany at the same time so it will be nice to see my pieces again.  It's been a long time since I held them in my hand at the diamond wheel during my exchange in Estonia.  I met a lot of great people, who I really need to catch up with, sooner rather than later, but for now, I am headed to Germany and the Czech Republic, once I get the small matter of my Degree Show out of the way...